No one likes to make the first move, it’s scary after all! But friendrequest is a little different… We are an app to make friends so therefore it is ALL about making the first move. As that initial opening line could lead to you making a best friend forever!

However, we know that small talk can get a little bit erm.. stiff at times, but with this blog post we are going to make those conversations a whole lot more fun and any social anxiety you may feel about chatting to a stranger completely disappear with these easy and effective conversation starters.

Ask fun open-ended questions

Asking fun open-ended questions means that the other person has to say more than just a yes or no back to you – result! Plus We LOVE talking about funny topics, who doesn’t? So, asking questions like:

“Tell me three unlikely things you did today.”
“What is the funniest joke you know?”
“What is your favourite pizza topping?”

means you are sure to have the person receiving them laughing and keen to chat back too! Within no time we are sure you’ll be deep in conversation – although the topic may be something a little odd…

Ask about them…


No one likes to listen to somebody go on and on about themselves. It’s a place to make friends NOT an interview. So, before you dive into your family tree and tell your new friend all about your dogs favourite type of biscuits perhaps it would be worth asking them a little about themselves, for example:

“What’s your favourite movie?”

“What do you like to do for fun”

“What do you do for work”

“If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be”


Pick your topic carefully

Following on from your questions about them, getting your new friend to talk about what they like to do for fun is an easy way to see if you have stuff in common.For example if you both love chocolate then a chocolate tasting workshop could be the first stop for your friendship date! Same goes if you are both fitness lovers or adrenaline junkies. FriendRequest caters to all interests so send your new bestie a link to one activity you both seem interested in and get your new friendship on the road!

I LOVE chocolate too – have you ever been to a chocolate tasting workshop? We should try it!

At friendrequest we make it that bit easier for you to spend some time with people you’ll get on great with, try new activities and make new memories with brand new friends.

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