What you need to know about meeting new people and living in London and making new friends

London is a great city to live in, and a brilliant place to make new friends. Whether you are into fitness and seeking to make new friends work out with, or whether you are more focused on expanding your social circle and exploring new interests outside of the fitness scene, London has so much to offer you. To help you to prepare for your impending, or recent, move to London here are three things to know about ways to meet new people and find friends in the city. 

Every neighborhood is different

South East London is great for a combination of good pubs, independent shops, and nice riverside views (Greenwich is perfect for this, for instance, and you can also see the Greenwich Meridian lit up against the sky at night in the form of a laser). Try the Museum Quarter in South Kensington for the best museums, and opt for Soho and Chinatown if your new best friends are looking for something that combines a great meal out with a taste of the city’s nightlife. London is not solely dominated by nightlife and urban entertainment, though. There are so many brilliant parks and gardens to discover, including Hyde Park, Russell Square Gardens (perfect for a picnic) and even a national nature reserve in Barnes to the west where you can wander among the birds and see others being fed every single day.

There are so many ways to pursue fitness in the city

From independent gyms and studios where everyone knows each other to the large gym complexes overlooking the bustling streets below, there is something for every workout lover in London. London is also famed for its pop up ventures, and this often includes pop up gyms and pop up classes for everything from salsa to martial arts: a great idea for the first meeting with someone you have met on friendrequest. When the weather is fine, you will also see lots of workouts, yoga classes, and similar events taking place outdoors, which is a brilliant thing to join in with too. 

London can feel lonely: but people are highly connected online

You have probably heard that making eye contact on public transport is pretty much against the unofficial laws of London. Like any big city, though there is plenty to do here, it can feel lonely if you do not know anyone when you first move here. Fortunately, that is very easily rectified. You may see groups of friends chatting and laughing in the city, or working out together, and wonder how they managed to meet. The answer is probably: online. Londoners are more connected than ever before and are turning to the internet to find dates, workout companions, and best friends. Log on friendrequest and you will see what we mean: there are so many interesting people your age looking to meet new people to have fun with in this ancient metropolis. 

Find friends today and enhance your enjoyment of London

So many things about London are more enjoyable when you have other people to share them with, whether it is a buddy to keep you motivated in the gym and take you out for a glass of wine or some pizza afterward or somebody to explore the capital’s world-class museums with. Let friendrequest help you to find companionship, friendship, fun and laughter in London today!

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