Five useful tips for wellness within the workplace and how meeting new people and finding friends can have an impact on your work life

It is no secret that the modern workplace is often associated with undue levels of pressure and even anxiety. This is why maintaining our personal and professional health is so very important in this day and age, but how much does meeting new people and finding new friends play a part?

Let’s take a look at five expert tips which will allow you to make new friends, to enjoy a greater level of productivity and to experience a daily sense of accomplishment.

1. Focus On Your Internal Energy “Clock”

Mental fitness is just as important our physical state of being. We cannot operate at peak energy levels throughout the entire day. This is why it is a good idea to be mindful of your mental state and to take on more demanding tasks when your sense of awareness is at its highest.

2. See Opportunities as Opposed to Obstacles

It is critical to adopt a mindset based on growth as opposed to feeling constantly threatened by challenges that might exist around the next corner. Whether referring to an important upcoming project or a professional evaluation, we need to view such events as positive milestones. By approaching daily tasks with such a mentality, we can learn from our experiences and even if we fail, we will have learned something in the long run.

3. Remember to Pace Yourself

Living in London and other major cities presents additional challenges, for it often appears as if we are caught up in a never-ending cycle of work. Always remember that mental fatigue can impact your physical health as well as your professional status. In other words, try not to burn the proverbial candle at both ends. Take time out for yourself and be mindful of your personal stress levels. This is the best way to avoid mental exhaustion as well as to continue feeling fulfilled within the workplace.

4. Remember to Sleep 

Images of the dreary-eyed professional stumbling into work are all too common in this day and age. Never forget that getting the right amount of sleep is critical in terms of our physical fitness as well as our mental state. A lack of sleep can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and our work will obviously suffer as a result. There are even instances when obtaining less than eight hours of sleep every night results in a weaker immune system and a higher susceptibility to common illnesses. Never sacrifice your downtime for the sake of productivity.

5. Meet New People and Find Friends

There is simply no substitute for friendship within the modern world. Your ability to find friends who are also living in London should never be taken for granted. When we meet new people, our entire perspective begins to change and we suddenly realise that we are not alone when feeling stress and similar emotions. Perhaps more importantly, we are able to “blow off steam” thanks to the presence of other like-minded individuals. Friendships also allow us to take our minds off of the workday after it is finished. We can mentally decompress during this downtime and much like a marathon, these periods of relaxation will allow us to finish the race in the long run.

You have the power to promote your own sense of wellness within the workplace by keeping these suggestions in mind. Monitor your mental state, take challenges in stride and make new friends along the way. If you are interested to learn more about how you can encounter like-minded professionals much like yourself, check out the beta version of friendRequest. After all, there is more to life than work alone!