5 life hacks to make meal prep easier and more time for making new friendships

How to win at meal prep lunches giving you more time to meet new people in London

Five ways to impress colleagues and friends with amazing meal prep skills

Moving to any city can be daunting but when that city is London the potential fear factor is enormous. London is a true wonder of the modern world and has a personality of its own but finding friends in the big city can seem difficult. The friendrequest app is a perfect way to take a lot of the anxiety out of navigating the London social scene and allows you to meet new people in London with the same interest as you.


friendrequest allows you to discover users with similar interests, book somewhere together and then meet your new friends. London has such amazing opportunities for meeting up. Exercise, museums, shows and so much more but not everyone has the time for such things; but everyone needs to eat. Meal Prepping is a staple part of life for anyone into fitness. A well put together meal prep lunch can be an icebreaker in the office, post-gym and help you reach your fitness. Follow these five tips to find your new best friends over your love of food.


Tip one – Henry Ford was right

Henry Ford revolutionised industry as we know it. Mass production and the production line as a whole had been around before but Ford used it to increase efficiency. In our busy modern lives, it is easy to make excuses to avoid doing the right thing. Fortunately, some of the best meal prep containers store well and can even improve over time. When you are washing and chopping fruit and vegetable add all to one bowl and marinate in an Apple Cider Viniger to improve flavor while you work on the rest. ….Get yourself organised and set up a production line at home to save time.


Tip two – Mason Jars aren’t just for hipsters

When you meet new people and find friends you will need to really impress and the classic Mason jar does just that. The beautiful glass jars look great, store more than you’d realise but most important of all the seal around the top ensures that your mass produced salad lasts. By excluding oxygen your fruit stays bright and the leaves stay crisp.FOOD FACT: spray a little lemon or lime juice over cut fruit like apples to avoid them oxidising.


Tip three – mix and match

A good meal has a nice mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats. A good meal is also varied, tasty and fun. If you want to impress with your meals you want it to look and taste great. Take risks with them, mix and match vegetables with fruit. Basil, rocket, lambs’ lettuce, apples, tomatoes, couscous, beetroot, orange and onions all go together far better than you’d think. Start with your dressing, a little balsamic vinegar mixed with sesame oil is a good one. Pop in chopped orange segments, these add to the vinegar when the ingredients above squash them and form a barrier to stop the dressing getting on other parts of the salad too soon. Next put in the beetroot, then onions, then apples. Pop your couscous then leaves on top of this. Top off with a little mayonnaise and if you really want to go to town you can sneak some Parma ham in. A good meal can help with your fitness and a great meal will make you feel amazing at the same time.


Tip four – look around the world

Fancy salads are awesome but they aren’t the only meal in town. Japanese bento boxes can be used to pack different flavours, a chicken breast, some fresh vegetables, some rice and a sauce. Indian tiffin tins make for an impressive collection of flavours. Try a Sri Lankan rice and curry, spiced pickles, sambal or fried aubergine. Spices, colours and intrigue can ensure that when you make your lunch stand out. 


Tip five – Plan ahead
Get your shopping list out and plan ahead. If your counting Marcos whip out ‘Myfitnesspal’ and let the app do the work for you. Get all the ingredients you need in bulk (no one will judge your 6kg of chicken at the checkout) and anything that needs cooked can also be done in large batches at least 2 days in advance. Pulled pork or brisket needs hours of cooking in a crock pot but can last you for days; more if you freeze it.

FOOD FACT: To eat healthy stick to outside aisles of the supermarket, all the processed food is in the centre……strange but true!


Final tips
Remember a small amount of dressing can pull together a dull looking or bland tasting dish. Don’t forget to season and don’t neglect spices! ITS ALL ABOUT THE SPICE!

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