Four fitness hacks for commitaphobes in 2018, how making new friendships in London is a great start to the new year and new friendships.

Starting any kind of workout plan can be daunting and plenty of us are guilty of being New Years resolution-ers who hit the gym hard after the festive season binge, before bailing on Body Pump come February. Exercise is often the first commitment to take a back seat when things get hectic. A spinning class might be the last thing you’re thinking about after a hard day of work, but it could be the perfect antidote to your stress, maybe even a chance to socialise and making new friendships.

Starting the gym on your own
For many people, the biggest barrier to maintaining their gym commitments is having to motivate themselves to train on their own – or even making their way to the gym alone. It can often be intimidating being the newbie, feeling like everyone can already lift twice as much weight and run three times as fast as you. It’s important to know that you’re not on your own, and the gym can actually be a great place to meet new people and find friends.

Easy ways to meet new people at the gym
It might feel daunting initiating conversations with complete strangers, but the gym can be a great place to meet new people without the added social pressure of bars and clubs. Here are some of the easiest ways to make new friends at the gym.

  • Attend classes: Attending classes is a great way to form new friendships, mainly because often there’s so many of you packed into a tiny fitness studio! Although it might be not be ideal to start up a conversation when you’re halfway through a circuit and desperately gasping for air, waiting around for the instructor before the class pretty much forces you to socialise with whoever else in your class is waiting. Additionally, you might find you have more common ground with your classmates after you’ve been through a brutal workout together.
  • Ask questions: Sometimes something as simple as ‘is anyone using this bench?’ can spark off a friendly conversation. It’s important not to feel intimidated by other gym goers, as everyone’s friendlier than you’d think and even seasoned veterans were once newbies too.
  • Share equpiment: It can often be difficult for everyone to use the equipment they want, particularly at peak times. So, if you see someone hovering about by the squat racks, why not invite them to join in? Who knows, you might end up being best friends!

Why not try friendrequest?
If you’re still feeling anxious about working out,¬†our app¬†matches you with other people based on activities and interests, meaning you can find your perfect gym buddy without any awkward chat during your workout class. If you’re still feeling too shy to message someone don’t worry, our helpful bot Eddie even kick starts the conversation for you based on the activities and times that suit both of you.

It’s never too late to find new best friends
Typically, we tend to find it harder to find new friends the older we get, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Anyone can find friends with the friendrequest app. Our recommendation engine means you’re more likely to find people you click with and everyone is reviewed by the community, so you can get a good feel for what someone is like and suss them out before you agree to hang out. So now you’ve got no excuses not to commit to a new workout plan when your perfect workout partner is waiting for you on friendrequest.

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