The best-kept secret to exercise and making friends in London

Moving is tough in general, but moving to London is another level. Walking the ancient streets and making a new life for yourself in London is a turning point in anyone’s life. The hardest part (after finding a flat that’s, not a shoe box) is crafting a new circle of friends you didn’t go to school or university with.

At friendrequest we have the solution to meeting new interesting people and hitting it off with a new friend by regular trips to a gym class, you will be making new friends in London in no time!

Eye contact on the tube…..WHAT!?

One of the best things about London is the anonymity and the feeling of freedom and not being judged. That being said, this has lead to packed tube trains of over 100 people completely ignoring each other and acting like they are the only one on the carriage.

We are all just people, while on the platform or getting off the tube speak to the girl in the gym gear on the way to a class and ask if they can recommend a studio nearby.
They are likely into fitness and will gladly share this information with you.

What about the instructors?
Speak to them at the end of the class, instructors are naturally friendly people and love feedback and you never know you might hit it off and head for a coffee with them after.

Find a gym buddy
With the friendrequest app you will be much more comfortable striking up a conversation with other people, before or after class, because you’ve already been chatting online. Who knows you and your friend who met on friendrequest could both find a third who is looking for two amazing women to hit the gym next time with.

Hit the smoothie bar after class
Most studios have a protein snack or smoothie bar where you can get a something to help you recover from the class. You’re sure to bump into some familiar faces from class at the bar who fancy a chat.

Get to class early
Getting to class early will give you a prime space and won’t result in you being at the back of the class and out of view and ignored. It also gives you time to warm up and to get chatty with the other people before class. It’s a great chance to make a friend.

Regular classes

Find a class that you love and go regularly and chances are, you’ll start seeing the same friendly faces. Small talk with naturally come which will lead to great friendships outside of class.

The most important part of this is to enjoy yourself, people are drawn to people who enjoy themselves so don’t get bogged down in the rat race when moving to London and go have fun in the city!


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