So whats happening in London next January, outside of nightclubs or any kind of alcohol-related activities what will help you make new friends in London?

Sometimes it seems people just talk about getting drunk when they plan to visit this amazing city, but there are many interesting, healthy options which aren’t the least bit boring and best of all it helps in making new friends in London

Here’s our top pick of enjoyable events suitable for the entire family, which are also recommendable to find friends, meet new people, and even improve your fitness. These events are available throughout January 2018 in London:

Eye-Catching Installations at the Lumiere London

If you enjoy looking at exciting and modern art installations full of light and wonder, you will feel right at home exploring the different venues partaking in the brilliant new edition of the much influential Lumiere London. This titanic event keeps growing bigger and more ambitious with each new edition, and next year it will be comprised of many hundreds of installations and shows made by no less than forty thousand artists brought in from around the world. All of this will take place all throughout most of the iconic streets of London, and it’s set to liven up the city between 18 and 21 of January 2018. This event will be of such a grand scale that it could easily become your sole focus if you visit during those particular days.

Skating with Friends at Somerset House

In those days when you want to shake off the January cold with some enjoyable fitness, one of your best options is to get a pair of skates and your best friends and visit the ice rink at the Somerset House in Temple. This lively courtyard has been brilliantly adapted for skating, and there you’ll get a chance to mingle with skaters of all skill levels while enjoying some very pleasurable and proper winter fun.

Two Interesting Cultural Exhibitions

When you feel like putting on your figurative monocles to enjoy some cultural events, grab your cultured friends and head out for the British Museum in Bloomsbury to enjoy an intense look at the ancient Siberian warriors, the Scythians. For something more contemporary and cute, try the Tove Jansson show over at the Picture Gallery in Dulwich Village. Here you will enjoy reminiscing about the memorable and very recognizable work of this artist from Finland, whose work touched the hearts of people around the globe with her popular comic strip.

Hogwarts in the Snow

We all love the stories of Harry Potter and his best friends Ron and Hermione! With this festive makeover from the Harry Potter studio tours, we actually get a chance to experience their fantastic worlds of wizardry! You’ll get a unique opportunity to walk through some of the most memorable sets used in the well-known movies, including a scale model of Hogwarts, and a full-size presentation of Diagon Alley, the Great Hall, and several other enchanting spaces. All of this will be of course permeated with countless Christmas trees and decorations, fully matching the spirit of the season.

Witness Prophetic Visions of a Future London

If you want to do more than just enjoy all that London presently has to offer – which is a lot – here’s something that should strike your attention. From January 19 through to April 15 the London Visions show will take hold of the Museum of London in Smithfield. There, you will be offered an engaging look at what might be the glorious Future of London, through an amazing set of installations, video projections and architectural-based pieces of modern art. This work is the love child of some of the finest contemporary artists, designers and architects holding a high reputation in the city and here taking an opportunity to express their love for timeless and ever-evolving London.

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