Do you want to make genuine connections and build real friendships? Here at friendrequest we made it our mission to bring like-minded people together and help them find real friends. #friendsnotfollowers


The aim is for people to connect online, then take the conversation offline and develop real, lasting friendships.


This week’s blogpost will guide your through our app features and explain in more detail how to use them.


Your friendrequest Introduction card: The smart card


We auto-generate the content of your Introduction Card based on the information you give us and the person who is looking at it. That means your card will look slightly different to every user. The card will automatically choose what to highlight depending on your compatibility with the person who looks at it and showcase your best self to maximise quality connections. Real friendships require you to show others who you are, not who you think you should be. We’ve designed friendrequest to make it easy to express yourself.


Your friendrequest feed: Feeding the soul, not the ego


Your feed will show your card tailored to highlight the attributes and characteristics of people that are most likely to resonate with you. We think about your schedule and interests when sorting and recommending people in your feed. We also give you the option to only see people of the same sex, whether you’re male, female or non-binary


Your friendrequest chat: Real talk


We’ve implemented an opt-in system, which means you only accept conversations from people you’re interested in talking to. With in-app reporting, blocking and in-app chat support, we make sure to maintain a high-quality and trusted community. To help you break the ice and find things to do together, we send reminders and activity suggestions to you and your friend.


Your friendrequest activities: #TakingSocialOffline


Get event recommendations just for you and your friend or browse through happenings near you. From pictures, pricing, timings and directions, we give you the details so all you have to do is choose the event of your liking. On friendrequest you can find direct links to the official booking page of your activity and receive in-app confirmation.

To help you make plans we give you the option to share activities directly in your chat.


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