Making new friends through fitness can be even easier – here are a couple of recommendations when meeting up at the gym or fitness centre.

What To Wear

Clothing depends on your chosen activity. From yoga to training with weights, all are ideal methods of being able to meet new people as team events and classes that can lead to a solid friendship. Whichever activity you choose, ensure your clothing and gym shoes are suitably comfortable, lightweight and appropriate for your chosen activity. If you are going to use weights or gym equipment it might be worth investing in special gloves that provide a good grip to prevent callouses and blisters. Following a keep fit class is a great time to make new friends as you’ll get the chance to socialise after the workout. Flip flops are handy in the shower. Pack a towel just in case your club doesn’t provide them.


Snacks are useful. Keep a few protein bars packed with a variety of nuts and grains to give you an energy boost either before or after your training session. Bananas are popular as they help to replace the potassium that’s lost through sweating. Offering a spare snack to someone else is a great way to break the ice when you meet new people. Drinks are even more important to keep yourself hydrated during bursts of activity.


However, the most useful item you’ll ever need is the friendrequest app. It enables you to quickly and easily find and connect with other people, and book an activity (e.g. fitness class; yoga class; dance class; etc.) together, to meet at. You can register in seconds, set up a profile and quickly find new friends who share your outlook on life. Safe and secure, friendrequest’s downloadable app helps you enjoy the benefits of a network, and choose who to meet, when it suits you. Allow your curiosity to explore the friendship forming potential that friendrequest provides through activities you enjoy.

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