Taking a mental health day means taking time to rest and recuperate from your busy London life. If you’re new to London and been busy finding a flat and regular employment, now might be the time to take a break to make new friends and enjoy all London has to offer. Life is good, but be careful to watch out for the following signs that indicate you may need to take better care of your mental health.

1. You feel tired all the time

Living in London is a fast-paced life and eventually, your body may tell you it’s time to take a break. You may feel physically and mentally drained and need to rest your body and calm your mind. Perhaps a day off work and a leisurely sleep-in is what you need. Taking a yoga class is also a great way to relax, or maybe a gentle walk through the streets of London followed by a healthy lunch with a new friend. Making new friendships brings positive energy to your life, and can motivate you to be active in ways that restore your vitality, such as going to the gym, or attending yoga classes.

2. You can’t concentrate and keep forgetting things

It’s so frustrating when you struggle to remember where you’ve put things or have difficulty concentrating on the book you’re reading. It’s even worse when your memory issues are impacting on your job. This can be a sign you’re stressed or have too much to do or too much on your mind. Sometimes what’s needed is the timeout to relax and regain your focus. A daily meditation practice could help you to clear the brain fog away and get you functioning effectively again. Connecting with nature is another great strategy for clearing the cobwebs away. Why not find a friend with similar interests and go for a lovely long walk in one of London’s beautiful parks – shared experiences more often than not result in a greater sense of contentedness, allowing the mind to be more relaxed and focused.

3. Your body aches all over

Twinges and soreness can be your body telling you to ease up, you’re doing too much. Your body can also feel a bit achy when you’re stressed or not be sleeping enough, due to the release of stress hormones. Lack of exercise can also result in a feeling of muscle achiness and low energy, resulting in frustration. It’s worth reflecting on your lifestyle and deciding whether you need some strenuous regular exercise, or something gentle and relaxing like a yoga class. Either way, living in London provides lots choices to improve your fitness and making new friends at the same time. The combination will uplift body and soul.

4. You find it difficult to make decisions

Sometimes the signs that you need a mental health day can be quite subtle. Have you ever noticed you can’t seem to make quick decisions at work anymore and waste time procrastinating. This can be a sign of overwork, loss of confidence or sheer exhaustion. You need to make space in your life for some quiet time to give your mind a break and focus on yourself. Perhaps a session in a ‘float tank’ or a massage is just what you need. Both of these are solitary activities but can be a great way to establish friendships when you’re relaxing sipping some tea afterwards. Relaxation and new friends go a long way to restoring a decisive mind.

5. You feel dissatisfied with your life

Living in London is lots of fun but it can be hard to meet new people. Not being able to find friends to enjoy socialising with can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with your life. Not everyone wants to spend their downtime drinking in pubs or clubbing. For some people, fitness is an important part of their life and a friendship that is based on shared health goals is certainly worth having. Social connections are essential to ensure you stay mentally fit. We understand at friendrequest and can help you to meet new people, who have similar interests to you and would like to enjoy attending activities together.

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