They say “Your vibes attracts your tribe”. But what does that really mean? It’s human nature to search for belonging, kinship and acceptance. From pre-school well into adulthood, we gravitate toward people who reflect the kind of qualities we admire. When we say we are looking for our tribe what we mean is people who share our interests, outlook on life or have traits we admire and aspire. Our tribe reflects our values while at the same time satisfies our need for connection, companionship and amity. Truly, there’s nothing better than authentic and compassionate friendships.

However, finding your tribe can be hard. That’s where friendrequest comes in. Our app offers access to like-minded people all across London looking to connect and explore the city and life together.

Here are six easily adaptable ideas and ways for creating your own tribe. To inspire you, support you and make your life even better than it already is.

1. Self-Reflection

Before you start out on your journey of finding and creating your tribe, reflect on the things you love about your life and the ones that you feel are missing in your life right now. Do you enjoy going on hikes, but feel as though none of your friends ever want to go with you? Do you want to take a pottery course but your friends aren’t up for it. By developing an awareness as to what you are looking for, you’ll be able to search for friendships that will bring you satisfaction.


2. Like-minded circle of friends

When forming your tribe, find a couple of people that you know share your interests and ask them each to find one more person. This creates an immediate circle of people who will probably get along and who most likely will start off with a shared mind-set. Don’t know where to start? friendrequest helps you reaching out to like-minded people across London.


3. Common ground

Maybe you’re all mums or yogis or writers or art lovers. A common ground is a great starting point.


4. Intention, shared desire, purpose

Visiting the latest art exhibition at the Design Museum, a sketching class or a writing workshop. Start off with something that you pay for which will make you more likely to commit fully to it. When we pay, we feel more committed to show up.

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5. Regular meetings

Rather than having to discuss dates very week or month, decide on a set day/time – Wednesday evening, Sunday morning etc.


6. Non-judgement

Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we are unable to connect with others because we’re too busy judging them. We dislike qualities in others that we dislike in ourselves because we’re looking at the world through our own perspective. Some imperfect quality in other people activates some aspect of ourselves that wants our attention. Whatever we don’t own about ourselves we project onto other people. So when approaching a group of fellow humans, whether old friends or new, look for what it is you have in common and what you enjoy about them.

Now go, create your own tribe. Your mind, your work, your family and the world will be better off for it. We promise.

Use friendrequest to make the first step…