A guide on how to meeting new people in London with 5 ways to become a morning workout person

OK, you live in London, you went out with your friends after work last night, the alarm goes off and you crack open an eye to see the sun is nowhere to be seen and the first thing that comes to mind is to stay home put the kettle on and watch Will and Grace on Channel 4. The snooze button has been hit so many times it’s practically worn away and you just make it into the office (after grabbing a morning coffee of course). Ah yes it’s a feeling we know very well, the guilt of the missed the morning class that we promised ourselves we would be at every day this week, then it’s suddenly Thursday but we still haven’t been once.

We at friendrequest know first hand being the type of person that hits the gym in the morning with your friends is a hard thing to do and it doesn’t happen overnight. With our top 5 tips, we think you and your friends will become the kind of people who can jump out of bed before that alarm even rings.

Here it is how to meet new people in London by becoming a morning workout person.

1. Think about food.

Its impossible to push yourself at the gym without the right food, speak to your friends, look on Instagram, and prep the night before, no need to have the healthiest breakfast in the world. But make sure it’s something you enjoy and will give you a reason to get up in the morning and fuel your workout.

2. Music is everything.

Instead of turning on the TV stick on Spotify and wake up to your favorite music to get you in the mood.

3. Keep a glass of water by your bed.

Hydration is key in keeping our your going. Your sweat heaps at night and need to top up that H2O. Another note is to drop an Electrolyte tablet in the drink, electrolytes will hydrate you before and during intense exercise and give you the edge you need.

4. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.

Book a class! You wouldn’t miss a dentist appointment and the gym should be no different. Friendrequest can help you meet a friend and keep you both motivated to show up and smash the class you have been dying to try. Once you’ve booked and it’s a part of your schedule, you will feel more inclined to make it to class on time. 

5. Find a workout buddy.

Friends are the family you can choose, with friendrequest you can find your perfect fitness partner to go too class with. Find a fitness enthusiastic friend who will make you attend class and grab a coffee so you’ve got something to look forward to after, (Tweet us if you think we need to add morning person to the interests section of the app).

It’s not going to happen overnight but make these small changes and we think you will be up before the birds start chirping instead of just making it home before the sun starts shining.

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