Biggest New Year resolution mistakes you can avoid

Ahh December, the month of the year when we can indulge until our bellies contempt and lose all appropriate inhibitions at office Christmas parties. But alas, eventually December 31st rolls on and it’s time to embrace the get-my-sh*t-together mentality with a new shiny year to embrace.

This year, as you sit down to write down your commitments, improvements and good choices for the year, take a second to plan better. With 66% of Brits admitting to failing a New Year’s resolution by February, let’s make sure you’re not one of them. Think back to all the resolutions you have made over the years, how many have stuck? How many were resolutions vs new ways of living better? Did you maybe fall into one of these, New Year’s resolution mistakes…

1 – Get It Alone

We are social creatures and when trying to shake a habit our social situation can make it tricky. Because of this, many people try and take on resolutions alone. Mistake. Psychologists have found you are more likely to keep a habit if your partner does it with you, 50% more likely for quitting smoking even.

So this year, don’t make the mistake of doing it alone. Instead, find friends who are keen to join the resolution. If you don’t find someone in your immediate group, find new friends online who can become your new netball squad, running group or non-boozy drinking pals. Easy!

2 – Over-planning January 

Another key mistake it taking on too much and all at one point. Just because you have high ambitions, does not mean you have to conquer Everest by January 31st. Remember, you’re planning New Year resolutions, not new January resolutions, so you don’t have to rush things.

This year, think of your planning in stages. Rather than going for being a vegan, non-drinking, avid book reader by February, think about how you plan. For example, you could cut down your meat intake to twice a week in January, cut it to once a week in February and then cut it out completely in March. Make your resolutions long-term changes, not flash-in-the-plan ideas.

3 – Being Too Hard On Yourself

This is one we can all be guilty of at times. When you had such high hopes in January and then you’re lacking behind mid-month, don’t give up. No record is perfect, no one has a completely perfect transformation and it isn’t always easy, so do not be too hard on yourself.

If you have missed the gym for a week or two because you have been busy at work, this does not mean you have to sack in everything you had wanted to achieve. If you have one cigarette, you have not failed. If you have one doughnut, you have not failed. When taking on resolutions this year forgive yourself for the oopsy moments and instead plough on with making a change for the next remaining months.

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