Think you’re too busy to socialise? We disagree… Here’s 3 big reasons why socialising is good for your health!

How often do you find yourself wishing the weekend would come sooner to allow yourself some down time? Well, you’re not alone! However, after a stressful week of work you might initially think that diving under the covers with a boxset and big box of chocolates sounds like a dream but if this is becoming a too regular occurrence and you are spending less time actually socialising with friends, you may be causing more damage to your mental health than you might be aware…

Not allowing yourself down time to socialise with friends can result in causing social anxiety and many other mental health issues including depression, obsessive feelings of worry and loneliness. Being social around other people and building connections can help prevent feelings of loneliness and self-pity which can destroy your mental health.

We’re not saying you have to completely say goodbye to your bed and Netflix but making an effort to socialise a bit more regularly has a huge number of benefits to both your mental and physical health.

  1. Better physical health

    Socialising has been linked to a stronger immune system that can fight off colds, the flu and even some types of cancer. Studies have even shown that they can reduce the likelihood of heart disease and type 2 diabetes! So give the vitamin C a miss this time and instead go and grab a coffee or hit a exercise class with a friend.

  2. Feel confident around others

    People who don’t socialise often or stick to a clique of purely two may feel comfortable around that one person or relaxed alone, but as soon as they reach a larger group or are without there close friend, anxiety will strike. By socialising regularly with new people your social skills and confidence will grow too.

3.  Great for your brain health

 Research has even found that you may lower your risk of dementia by socialising more. People who connect more with others generally perform better with memory tests than those who socialise less. Result! But why doesn’t that explain our school grades though?!

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