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The digital app to make real friends

friendrequest is an app built to help you make friends — from casual gym partners, to a brand new best friend.

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How it works

We’ve identified the pain-points people experience when trying to make new friends and solved them with 4 simple steps.

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Your smart introduction card

The world's first profile that automatically adapts itself to show you at your best and connect with whoever is looking at it — inspiring friendships you may not have thought possible.


Don’t worry about the perfect line, just talk about who you really are and we’ll make sure your profile always looks it’s best.


Innovative design makes it a breeze to build up a comprehensive profile of yourself in just a few minutes.


Your card will automatically choose what to highlight and showcase what’s best based on who’s looking at it to maximise quality connections.

More than skin deep

Real friendships require you to showcase who you are, not just what you look like. We’ve designed friendrequest to make it easy to express yourself.

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A feed that’s made for you

Our recommendation engine intelligently finds the people you’re mostly likely to resonate with. You’ll feel like friendrequest was made just for you.

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Each card is tailored to highlight attributes of people that are most likey to resonate with you.


We think about your schedule and interests when sorting and recommending people in your feed.

Opposites Attract

You don’t always want to meet people just like you, some of our best friendships are with people who are so different to us. We consider this when creating your feed.

Fine tune your feed

We give you the option to only see people of the same sex, whether you’re male, female or non-binary. We keep it opt-in so you can keep control.

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No more awkward silences

From breaking the ice to providing useful cues – we help make sure that your matches convert to friendships.


We’ve implemented an opt-in system, which means you only accept conversations from people you’re interested in talking to.

Conversation starters

No more silent chats, we start off every conversation for you with a little ice-breaker to get things going.

Updates and prompts

We send reminders and activity suggestions to you and your friend to help you get to the next step. Whether that’s booking your tickets or remembering when you’re going.

Safety first

With in-app reporting, blocking and in-app chat support, we make sure to keep a high-quality and trusted community.

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No more wondering ‘what shall we do?’

No more faffing about trying to figure out what to do, where to book and who’s paid for what. Manage it all directly in your chat.

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Get recommendations just for you and your friend or see whats trending near you. The options are rich and considered.

Rich information

From pictures, pricing, timings and directions. Every activity on friendrequest has rich, detailed information from its provider so you know you can trust it.

Direct booking

Direct links to the official booking page of your activity with in-app confirmation — no middle man, no worries.


Share activities directly in your chat to make plans and get booking status updates in your thread.

Early friendships

We’ve been trialing the app with a select group of people, check out what they had to say about it.

img for 'Sophie'

Loves Techno, Cats & Cardio

Sophie 25


“I now have an app for cars, roommates, places to stay on holidays and to find someone to go to the gym with!”

img for 'Jessica'

Loves Guitar, Yoga & Turtles

Jessica 21


“Its a great idea, London can feel it’s sucking life out of you when you don’t know anyone.”

img for 'Bry'

Loves Running, Museums & Books

Bry 28


“Looks like a really good one, it’s hard to find people to actually connect with in London.”

img for 'Mirah'

Loves Skateboarding, TV & Dogs

Mirah 23


“Airbnb for friends, brilliant!”